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25 Jun 2019

Intro Meta

Having transitioned from a position as an engineer in industry to a PhD program in September 2018, I have found myself writing more over the span of a few months than I have over the last two years. Whether it be a report fulfilling coursework requirements or a slide deck summarizing another researcher’s work, I have found this process academically rewarding.

However, the quality of this content has been highly variable, and I see that largely as a symptom of the intended audience. For coursework, written work is typically graded and then promptly consigned to the virtual dust bin that is my hard drive.

Writing is formalized, structured thinking, and if I continue to write with the intent to let my work collect virtual dust, then the worth of my thoughts will be be commensurate with dust.

To remedy this, I introduce this blog. The main posts which I hope to publish on this blog are:

  1. Posts explaining fundamental concepts related to my academic interests (e.g., machine learning, optimization, wireless communications)
  2. Posts documenting projects from classes and from research
  3. Posts summarizing interesting papers and attempts at replicating results

While I hope to emphasize the categories above, the goal of publishing my writing is to sharpen up my thinking in general. For this reason, I may write on subjects which I am not an expert in, such as neuroscience, psychology, or statistics. I will likely indulge in writing about books, movies, podcasts, etc. which I find thought-provoking or influential.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you find something useful to you!